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Japan Food: Ichiran

Flying in from Thailand after my cousins wedding I was exhausted but extremely excited. Not knowing what to expect once I landed, needless to say I was not disappointed. Japan is such a unique place to be, a place for foodies, to the lights of the big city in Tokyo to the ancient traditional cities of Kyoto. I was here for 2 weeks and i did not want to leave. Take a moment to read my journey of this wonderful country, as I taste my way through the land of the rising sun: Japan

One the best memories of japan was this iconic ramen franchises called Ichiran. Quite a unique experience which is unmatched anywhere that i have travelled. As you walk around japan you quickly realize that japan is loaded with vending machines. In north america, when you think about vending machines you think about sodas, chips and candy. Well in Japan, you can get pretty much everything from a vending machine. Literally. We went to this iconic ramen shop before you go in. You purchase your meal from a vending machine outside.

I do not understand the Japanese laguage or text but that was not and issue. Pick a picture that looks good to you add any add-on's you would like and pay that price.

Out comes your order chit, a piece of paper that you bring inside and wait to get seated.

If you are in introvert, this would be one of your dream restaurant. The seating in every Ichiran is single stalls and booths all lined up at a bar with folding divider each side. You don't even interact with a server. The process is very easy, you simple sit down and you are given a order slip on how you would like your ramen done circling each category for your meal. Noodles type, broth richness, spiciness, with or without green onion and Char sui (roasted pork). Place the paper chit you bought outside from the vending machines with the order paper on the small counter in front of you. Then just like being in a secret speakeasy, the bamboo curtain rises just a little bit. Like you have done the sequences password in the right order, and you have been granted access. The cook on the other side takes the papers and closes the curtains to leave you in peace to go on your phone and wait for your food which feels like it magically appears in mins.

But the great thing is you do have an option to fold the divider between stalls if you'd like to enjoy your meal with a friend or date and conversate, as you wait for the bamboo curtain to raise and receive this delicious bowl of ramen.

I promise you this bowl of ramen set the bar very high for me, and you will not be disappointed. The noodles are freshly made and you can feel it in the chew and bite, nice and springy. Rich and creamy pork broth which is slightly sweet, with the chili pepper sticking to the noodles as you devour the bowl. Perfectly braised Char sui pork roll and a gooey soft boiled egg garnished with finely chopped green onions, a masterpiece of food. Honestly one of the few meals I had repeated on my trip to Japan.

On a rainy day, after hours at the bar or just for an good afternoon lunch. Ichiran has never disappointed me.

A Must try in Japan

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